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Which turned out to be the closest thing to a fashion trend, That's ever been put on trial
If you can't count the years, start counting days
Who saw a strange sight, or heard a strange sound, now whispers tall tales of murder
This world's got the substance of a frozen summer silhouette
Even if it turns out to be futile, at least we couldn’t ask for a sky so clear or a day more beautiful.
Each word bitten, every **** is pronounced
There are evenings when this decimated world of movement, colour and form gets thin, and getting thinner
Left to my own devices, I am strange. I’m a liar—entertained.
Taste the penalty, sing with the Devil's choir
Walking one last mile.
In your left hand raise the sword In your right hand cast the spear.
In the name of humanitarian intervention will not cease all though by definition, they’re a terrorist act.
Your flesh means more than you
They're living, they're breathing, they're dying, they're human beings
Their healthcare, their water, their power, their food, their livelihood.

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