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Can you identify each band from the date, location & brief description of their first public performance?

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All bands are members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and are listed in alphabetical order. The dates/locations are of each band's first public performance (excluding events for a private audience).
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December 31, 1973
Sydney, Australia
at Chequers Night Club (playing two sets full of Beatles, Stones and Chuck Berry covers)
November 6, 1970
Mendon, Massachusetts USA
at Nipmuc Regional High School's gymnasium (the first location in the band's Guitar Hero game)
July 4, 1976
Sheffield, UK
at the Black Swan (opening for another band in this quiz)
August 16, 1969
Chicago, Illinois USA
at the Auditorium Theater (their second show was the next day -- at Woodstock)
May 5, 1965
Menlo Park, California USA
at Magoo's Pizza (performing as The Warlocks)
March 26, 1985
West Hollywood, California USA
at The Troubador (they played a reunion show there on April 1, 2016)
August 29, 1965
Gary, Indiana USA
at a 'Tiny Tots Jamboree' children fashion show in Glen Park
January 30, 1973
Queens, New York USA
at the Popcorn Club (with an embryonic version of their trademark stage look)
September 7, 1968
Gladsaxe, Denmark
at Gladsaxe Teen Clubs (performing as The New Yardbirds)
March 14, 1982
Anaheim, California USA
at Radio City (a club in a strip mall that would be closed by the city four years later as a public nuisance)
January 23, 1988
Tacoma, Washington USA
at the Community World Theater (performing as Ted Ed Fred)
February 1965
London, UK
at the Countdown Club (performing as The Tea Set)
January 1979
Paris, France
at Gibus Club (well over 2000 miles from the lead singer's native Ohio)
July 18, 1970
London, UK
at Imperial College (37 years before the guitarist finished his PhD there)
August 16, 1974
Manhattan, New York USA
at CBGB (for an audience of 5 -- 6 including the bartender's dog)
February, 1983
Los Angeles, California USA
at the Rhythm Lounge Club (performing as Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem)
April 5, 1980
Athens, Georgia USA
in a converted Episcopal church (performing without a name)
July 12, 1962
London, UK
at the Marquee Club (they needed a band name to promote the gig, so picked one from a Muddy Waters song)
August 1968
Toronto, Canada
at The Coff-In, a coffee shop in the basement of St. Theodore's of Canterbury Anglican Church
November 6, 1975
London, UK
at Saint Martin's School of Art (where the original bassist was a student. He was later fired for 'liking the Beatles')
April 1977
Fingal, Ireland
at Saint Fintan's High School (performing as Feedback)
July 1965
Summit, New Jersey USA
at Summit High School (for $75 - which the original drummer considered 'selling out' and so quit the band)
February 10, 1970
outside of Houston, Texas USA
at a Knights of Columbus Hall (for an audience of 1)

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