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Can you name the Final Fantasy villains by their descriptions?

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Essentially incompetent, except for that one time with Josef.II
Swan Lake. Seduces Firion.II
Banquet thrower; obsessed with Magicite.VI
Honourable Archfiend.IV
Finds mortality, attempts to stop time.III
Wait, he's not a villain?II
Hair Tornado.IV
Are they sure these are ghosts...? More like pencil lines. This villain is the reason for the ghosts appearing.III
Stole a certain broom-enchanter's eye.I
Cecil, I am your...IV
Excalibur? I think not... But enough expository banter.V
Mario wouldn't want to mess with this princess-snatcher.I
The opposite of Order.I
Personifies (monsterfies?) Terra's unwillingness to fight.VI
Has likely consulted a self-help booklet.VI
He's armed. Eight-armed, that is...VI
Experimented on Eblan's king and queen.IV
The fairly obvious shadow no one notices.III
It wasn't the vampire, it was...I
The roiling skies let loose a vile beast without a soul: Its name?V
Chains the ship of the Onion Knights. Of course, this chain is made of gold.III
Inconspicuous splinter.V
Satan's worst nightmare.II
Mind-controlling Lunarian. Spews forth hatred upon his death.IV
Found in his very own flying tree castle.III
Ship-giving pirate.I

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