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People collect hundreds of coupons and buy groceries worth a few hundred/thousand dollars and pay a low price for them.TLC
A woman named Muriel finds a lost dog in the street and brings him home to her Husbad Eustace Bagge. Wiered things happen to them with the dog at their house, so he must save it.Cartoon Network
MSNBC goes inside prison a interviews prisoners on what prison is like, and go behind the scenes of their lives.MSNBC
People all over America come on this show to show off their talent and try to win $1.000.000 and a headline show in Las Vegas.NBC
Alex, Justin, and Max are 3 wizard teens that try to get through life and hope to become the family wizard someday.Disney Channel
Timmy Turner is a 10 year old boy with 2 fairies Cosmo and Wanda, who try to help him out in his childhood.Nickelodeon

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