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Synonym NameReal Song NameArtist
You Should Understand
Everyone Enjoy Themselves This Evening
Ape Tool
Old Western Vigilantes from the Underworld
Yell at Satan
We Shall Speak After You Construct God
Perspirating Ammunition
Give Up
Unable To See Because of Scaredness
Home of Damaged Affection
Hurricane's Wrath
Beelzebub Traveled Southward to the State Just North of Florida
(Do Not Be Afraid of) Death
Desired Living or Not
We Did Not Commence The Flames
Insubordinate Scream
Nearly Simple
Dustcloth Marionette
Yell Angle Pull the Trigger
Synonym NameReal Song NameArtist
Adolescent Protest
Unliving Recollections
Repeat That Once More
Essence of Radiotelegraphs
Greetings Infant
Penitentiary Ballad
Professional Detonator
We Are Not Going To Endure This
Consume This
Trailing Cerulean Oculars
Boss of Manikins
The Infantryperson
The Ultimate Narcotic
Cocoa Custard
Escaped Avian
Final Option
Diseased, Diseased, Diseased
This is the Stop of Earth as Understood by Us (And I Am Feeling Okay)
Nap at this Time in the Flames
In Circles and In Circles

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