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'Some people wrestle with their inner demons. I stabbed mine in the back of the head. He was a bleeder.'
'How many swords could a swordchuck chuck if a swordchuck could chuck swords?'
'Oh, I steal souls and secrets.'
'Clearly, I lack arrogance as that would be a flaw.'
'How does the world owe us for doing the right thing?'
'So excuse me if we have trouble navigating through the abnormal psychology imbued within these walls.'
'He is locked in perpetual orbit around a point about three seconds to the left of the future.'
'What about our pet shelter?'
'I can't afford real oranges, so they been eatin' Cheetos for three, maybe four months now. Yar.'
'Great Lord of Spiders, can't we have one meeting without snacks?'
'Mom! How many times must I ask you to refer to me by my dark name of the damned?'
'You're all just waiting for me to say 'boned,' aren't you?'
'Did someone say anything remotely related to fire?!'
'Let's get some doom up ins.'
'On the bright side, I'm going to kill you and then it won't matter.'
'All I was going to do as ruler was plunge Elfland into a modern dark age anyway.'
'You're not running against anyone, we have NO system for voting, and kings aren't elected anyway!'
'So now I can do crazy stuff like drill for mana in endangered species forest. Weeeee!'
'Wanna play a card game?'
'You can't avatar full-time. There's just no money in it. Except for ol' Dollarsly. That guys' rolling in it.'
'My true voice would make your brain eat itself.'
'What if this iteration of me is the illusion, but the real me is still real?'
'I invented chicancery. You don't want to play this game with me, elf.'
'Good morrow and well met, fellow adventurers all!'
'Crap! Piss! Kill!'
'Well, would you look at that, another beautiful miracle. If it weren't for my atheism, I'd be impressed by it.'
'I know a guy...'
'What? Can't a blind witch make stew out of a long extinct rodent tail for her immortal reptile boyfriend?'
'Drozzle, drazzle, druzzle, drass, time for you guys to change class!'
'Well, okay, but let's not overlook the tragic suffering of those among us who are now missing a spear.'
'I will simply use my human laser to kill myself so I don't self-destruct.'
'Guess I ran out of parents.'
'He spoke and I kicked him. I thought that as our 'thing.' Did I do wrong?'
'Sulk brought Cure albums back.'

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