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What is the protein that makes blood red?
In Greek and Roman mythology, what is the name of the three-headed hound which guards the gates of the Underworld?
The common cold is usually caused by what (type) of virus?
The world's deepest sea trench, which lies in the western Pacific Ocean, and is called what?
What does NAFTA stand for?
What actress played the role of Forrest Gump’s mother?
What is the USA’s top trading partner (combined import and export revenues)?
What is the visible electric discharge seen above the mast of a ship or the wing of an airplane during an electrical storm called? (Also the title of a movie and song from 1985)
The star spangled banner was written during what war?
What is the name of the narrow waterway that lies north of Morocco and south of Spain?
What is the only animal that has four knees?
Which planet has the shortest day of any planet in our solar system - only 9 hours and 55 minutes?
What are the seven deadly sins?
What are the seven deadly sins?
What are the seven deadly sins?
What are the seven deadly sins?
What are the seven deadly sins?
What are the seven deadly sins?
What are the seven deadly sins?
What was the name of the supercontinent that began to rift around 200 million years ago, before the component continents were separated into their current configurations?
Tequila is made from what plant?
Can you name one of the three sports (or games) in which the participants move backwards most of the time while attempting to win?
Which city is used as the reference point for 0 degrees longitude?
Who is the Egyptian god of the sun?
Who was the US President when the Panama Canal was constructed?
What is a hemidemisemiquaver?
At what temperature will a thermometer read the same for both Fahrenheit and Celsius?
What is the world’s highest waterfall?
In soccer, football, and hockey: the term 'hat trick' refers to how many goals?
What Greek physician from around 400 B.C. is considered the father of western medicine?

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