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Can you name the people or countries with the following ethical descriptions?

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Forced Order
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pharmaceutical company which helps in the fight against AIDS
Country where competition is relatively new
Group with courts who ruled against affirmative action for women
A pretty good moral mentor
Paid employees and rebuilt Malden Mills after fire
Tyrant who led to Sunbeam's bankruptcy
Country of scarce resources who has focused on maximizing profits
Finds jobs and homes for the homeless
Coaxed aircraft brakes through testing procedures
Recalled Tylenol after scare with cyanide tablets
Whistle-blower fired from Brown and Williams tobacco company
Religion whose path Windhorse tries to follow
Country with principle known as blat, or exchanges of favors
person whose lab which pays homeless people to conduct experiments on them
Company looked as the cause of glue sniffing in Central America
CEO of Levi Strauss who keeps company going despite rough economic times

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