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(adj) characterized by subtle or unscrupulous cunning, deception, expediency, or dishonesty (knowing it is better to be feared, perhaps)
(v) to expose food to higher temperatures so as to kill microorganisms (especially with milk)
(adj) exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical (as one who might attack windmills)
(v) refuse to do business with someone (as with Olympics or bus systems)
(n) biased, often zealous devotion to one's group or cause (especially males)
(n) a two-dimensional representation of the outline of an object (a shadow)
(n) hairstyle in which the front of the hair is swept up and back in a large roll (think Conan O'Brien)
(n) gaining (sexual) pleasure in being hurt or abused
(n) practice of dividing voting districts to give unfair advantage to one party
(n) strips of hair at the sides of the face
(n) style of sweater that opens at the front (or someone who sang 'Lovefool'?)
(v) to put to death, especially by hanging, by mob action and without legal authority
(n) a person who betrays his or her own country by aiding an invading enemy
(n) food item usually featuring meat, cheese, etc. between two pieces of bread
(n) enjoyment in being cruel
(n) a miserly person (also grand-uncle to Huey, Dewey, and Louie)
(v) to remove sexually offensive words or passages from a written work
(n) a compression-ignition engine in which a spray of fuel ignites at a virtually constant pressure
(adj) exceedingly harsh or severe (or Malfoy-esque?)
(adj) swanky; elegant; posh (not carltony)
(n) a device for beheading a person by means of a heavy blade that is dropped between two posts
(n) any rigid airship (occasionally made of led)
(n) a dull-witted, stupid, or ignorant person (often cap-wearing)
(n) a boasting person
(n) a person or thing that spoils or dampens the pleasure of others (something one wouldn't touch with a 39 1/2 foot pole)
(adj) very large (as in shrimp)
(n) a nonconformist; an independent; a lone dissenter (or a former presidential candidate)
(n) a plant native to Mexico often associated with Christmas
(n) a musical wind instrument consisting of a conical, usually brass tube with keys or valves and a mouthpiece with one reed
(n) artillery shell fragments

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