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DefinitionBody Part
the cards delt to each player
the vital or essential part
a person who is learning under the supervision of a teacher
the edge of a container, especially a bottle
domestic; civil
the hole in a needle
any of the uniform projections on a gear
to endure or tolerate
constitution or temperament
a slender, rod-shaped piece of metal used for fastening
12 inches
a baby cow
to assume as a responsibility
the back of a book cover or binding
a straight line between the center of a circle and its circumference
DefinitionBody Part
a main channel or highway
one of the distinct sections of a course
supplementary material at the end of a book
a punctuation mark used to denote summation or elaboration
one who goes through life in a manner specified
the end of a river or stream
to glance through quickly
ill humor, peevish temper, or spite
boldness; audacity; firmness or courage under trying circumstances
familiar with or informed about the latest ideas, styles, developments, etc.
a skylit central court in a contemporary building or house
the language of a particular people, region, or nation
to equip with weapons
a state of matter similar to a gas
a plant with showy flowers and sword-shaped leaves

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