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First Derivative
method of integrating ∫udv
point where concavity changes
Second Derivative
curve where the slope is undefined
point where f'(x) = 0 and f(x) decreases to the left and right
limit of [sin(x)]/(x) as x → 0
Derivative of cos(x)
∫(x + 1)dx
Slope of x^2 at x = 9
A technique used to evaluate limits of fractions that are in the form of indeterminate expressions.
A class of problems in which rates of change are related by means of differentiation. Standard examples include water dripping from a cone-shaped tank and a man’s shadow lengthen
A point at which a graph is not connected but can be made connected by filling in a single point.
The second derivative of displacement.
Area under the curve of a velocity function.
A line that touches a curve at a point without crossing over.
(1+(1/x))^x as x → ∞
Allows for the computation of the limit of an expression by trapping the expression between two other expressions which have limits that are easier to compute
1 - (x^2)/2 + (x^4)/24 - (x^6)/720

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