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Two cluesAnagram# of letters each
Navigator's equipment, electric guitarist's equipment3
What the Turtles call Splinter, what some trout call home5
The bird that catches the worm, the professor that dropped acid 5
Unclean or diluted, baseball official6
Companion, locator6
Gulf state, hostile adversary5
What Paul Bunyan does to trees, what the Sharks and Jets do together6
Nonlethal weapon brand of riot police, nonlethal weapon brand of Wile E. Coyote4
Feller of pins, mover of leaves6
To meander, prison overseer 6
Audio receptors, poo maker4
Two cluesAnagram# of letters each
To hinder or suppress, teachers of dogs or athletes8
Feline musical, feline excrement4
Obscene, to bond metal4
Infuriated, extremely infuriated7
Trees along a tropical beach, posts along a city street4
Board game of lexical skill, curdles 8
The only organ to name itself, Peter's talking dog5
Short for a Torontonian hockey player, short for Red Hot bass player4
What Roman commanders did to disobedient cohorts, what doctors do to sick patients8
To perspire, to squander5

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