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Two cluesTwo answers# of letters
Mountaintops, talk5
Sour fruit, sweet fruit5
Flatulence, flotation device4
Educator, adulterer7
Woodworker's tool, congressman's creation3
This language, roof tile7
Gulf State, sound of suffering4
Spielberg, occasions 6
Cutlass or rapier, units of language5
Baggage handler, news item6
Violent public disturbance, three amigos4
Two cluesTwo answers# of letters
43,560 square feet, competition of speed4
Continuously repeated, fashionable dog6
Lubricant, concurs6
Gravy, reason5
Previous or final, meat preserver4
Left side of a map, chunky soup4
Chemical compound, 9th inning pitcher6
Fighter pilots, a naval soldier6
Cooking on a spit, pipe-playing musician8
Obama's former job, Manning's alleged crime7

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