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What is the name of the character that the victim of this case plays in 'The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo?'The Evil Magistrate
What is the birth name of Maximillion Galactica, superstar of the Berry Big Circus?Billy Bob Johns
What was the victim's cause of death in this case?Electrocution
The costume worn by Juniper Woods for her performance at the festival concert is nearly identical to that worn by which other character in the series?Lamiroir
What is the identity of the person who aimed a gun at Miles Edgeworth in his office at the beginning of this case?Tyrell Badd
What was the nickname of the defendant's father in this case, Winfred Kitaki?Winfred 'Big Wins' Kitaki
What was the code number to the safe in the Caretaker's Shack of the Boat Rental Shop?1228
Name an item that fell onto Horace Knightley (Manosuke Naito's) head that referenced an earlier case following his breakdown at the end of this case.The 'Thinker' clock/A Mr. Ifly doll/A Blue Badger doll/A box of Samurai Dogs
In this case, both pseudonyms Shadi Smith and Zak Gramarye are revealed to belong to the same man. What was his real name?Shadi Enigmar
What is the name of the Act which states that the defence attorney of a convicted criminal in Khura'in must also share the same punishment, first mentioned in this case?The Defence Culpability Act
What is the full name of the oldest character in the original trilogy to be given an exact birth year, named in this case?Bruto Cadaverini
How expensive was the glass lightstand bought by the victim in this case?$1,000
What cell is Morgan Fey held in at the end of this case, which would later also hold Kristoph Gavin?Solitary Cell 13
What was the assailant of Miles Edgeworth at the beginning of this case wearing?A Proto Badger costume
What was the name of the river located underneath Dusky Bridge, the scene of the crime in this case?Eagle River
What was the name of the Russian restaurant where the victim of this case was found?Borscht Bowl Club
What was the name of the seven-branched ceremonial sword held by the statue of Ami Fey, located in the Treasures of Kurain Exhibit of the Lordly Tailor department store?Shichishito
What was the name of the magazine that featured Hazakura Temple, and a picture of Sisters Bikini and Iris on the cover?Oh! Cult!
What was the real name of the victim in this case, who became the successor to the original 'Great Mr. Reus?'Manov Mistree
What is the name of the defendant in the so-called 'Second KG-8 Incident?'Mack Rell
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Who does 'IPXX314206,' the message left by the victim in this case, refer to?Himself
What was the name of the victim in this case?Akbey Hicks
In the film being created throughout the events of this case, Moozilla (Borumosu) features, fighting which other creature, mentioned previously in the series?Gourdy
What country did Dane Gustavia (Yutaka Kazami) travel to, suspending the statute of limitations and making him vulnerable to arrest?Zheng Fa
What was the name of the female animal trainer who worked with Ora Shipley the First?Azura Summers
The four personalities of Uendo Toneido were known as Uendo, Patches, Owen and what other name?Kisegawa
What date does the murder in this case take place?July 31
What is the name of the organisation that runs the Cosmos Space Center?GYAXA
Name one of the victims of mass murderer Joe Darke.Edward Jones/Jason Knight/Edith Kirby/Rachael Moss/Jeb Bates
What is unique about this case, an event not repeated in any other case in the original trilogy of games?The defendant was guilty
What are the names of the two countries with prospects of being reunified as Cohdopia called?Allebahst and Babahl
What is the full name of the organisation that Justine Courtney (Hakari Mikagami) is part of?Prosecutorial Investigation Committee
What are the names of the two yokai depicted on the Yokai Legend Scroll, the two central to this case?The Nine-Tailed Fox and Tenma Taro
Inga Karkhuul Khura'in's full name closely resembled an ironic rhetorical question in English. What was it?How could this name be any longer or more pompous than it already is? (Inga Karkhuul Haw'kohd Dis'nahm Bi'ahni Lawga Ormo Pohmpus Da'nit Ar'edi Iz Khura'in III)
In this case, the victim, Dustin Prince, is given the first and only canonical birthday in the original trilogy of games. When is it?September 6
What was Ted Tonate's ID, which he edited to look like 'WOODS' upon his discovery of Candice Arme's writing of it in her own blood?L10015R
What was the prisoner number of Datz Are'bal?Prisoner 201
Which piece of evidence from Farewell, My Turnabout is found in the hidden evidence storage room, amongst many other pieces of evidence from past cases?Shelly de Killer's radio transceiver
What does 'Ponco' stand for?Psychological Observation and Navigation Companion

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