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Can you name the Battalion player by the year and round he was drafted?

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2007/1st roundNHL regular at 18
1998/6th round (111th overall)Broke Kevin Dallman's jaw in 2001 playoffs
2001/1st roundReferred to self as 'Huge Banane'
1998/10th roundSubject of Don Hadley sign: 'No losin' with (surname)'
1998/4th round (64th overall)Captain of 2001-02 team
2006/5th round (81st overall)Might be Irish, but it's tough to tell
1998/1st roundTeam's first-ever Priority Selection pick
2001/2nd roundHometown boy, had a thing for girls in white jumpsuits
2006/1st roundSon of former Ontario cabinet minister
2001/4th round (74th overall)Owned Corey Locke
2001/3rd roundPopularized the white draft-day suit
2002/3rd roundBattled knee, elbow problems, never reached potential
2004/6th roundHometown boy, younger brother of former Greyhound
2006/12th roundHas hair redder than Glen Wesley's
2002/13th roundUnder-appreciated goalie
2002/9th roundPower-play quarterback
2000/1st roundYounger brother of former Oiler first-rounder
2005/7th round (122nd overall)Cut his magnificent hair during 2008-09 season
2000/9th roundA Zamboni as a rookie, developed into 30-goal shooter
1999/5th roundFought his brother in North Bay

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