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Can you name the Bird Pokémon?

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birdiesbirdiesmoar birdies
Let's go to the beach!
It is armored
Ancient thingy
It only appears at night
They're migrating right now
Normal and draconic
Darky, but Normal
Brave spirit
Graveyard Birdies
Rich gangstas
Wait a sec... It's a visible wiggy!
Da interwebz
Mystic Birdie
Draconic Birdie thingies
Remember the first games?
birdiesbirdiesmoar birdies
Something to do withe the seas
It is holding something...
This isn't a mean one
I can see your future!
Cute and cuddly, boys
Something to do with the tower
Common Birdies
Ancient Birdies
Where is the off button? It talks a lot!
Better the foe don't sent a Electric-type out
The first isn't a Bird, but the other 2 are.
How many heads!
Very emo and darky
THAT'S the fighting spirit!

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