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QuoteMissing wordCharacter and Episode
'Precisely. Or, as I shall be known from now on, The Black ____ ' Edmund, The Foretelling.
'No, I think you're the ____ , Edmund.' Prince Harry, Born To Be King
'Dear Enemy, I curse you and hope that something unpleasant happens to you, like an ____ falling on your head.' Edmund, The Archbishop
'The famous ____ stone of Galveston, my lord.' Percy, The Queen of Spain's Beard
'Oh yes, they don't call me Clever Pete at all. They call me Clever ____ ' Edmund, Witchsmeller Pursuivant
'Good Lord! I wonder if it was the ____ ' Edmund, The Black Seal
'I've got a plan, and it's as hot as my ____ 'Flashheart, Bells
'You look like a bird who's swallowed a ____ ' Blackadder, Head
'I'll wager that purse has never been used as a rowing boat, I'll wager it's never had sixteen shipwrecked mariners ____ in it.' Rum, Potato
'Oh Edmund, can it be true? That I hold here in my mortal hand, a nugget of purest ____ ' Percy, Money
'Not Farters Parters, also known as Mr ____ ' Percy, Beer
'Guards, guards! Take him away and execute him. He's killed ____ ' Queen, Chains
QuoteMissing wordCharacter and Episode
'Bet you can't wait to get your bat in your hand and give those balls a good ____ ' Prince George, Dish and Dishonesty
'Big blue wobbly thing that ____ live in.' Baldrick, Ink and Incapability
'He's made that horse's ____ last all morning.' Mrs Miggins, Nob and Nobility
'Second ____ . Macbeth wore him in the fight scenes.' Baldrick, Sense and Senility
'Harold the horny hunter, had an enormous ____ ' Prince George, Amy and Amiability
'No, actually Baldrick, I'm not dead! You see, I had a ____ box too.'Prince George, Duel and Duality
'Row, row, row your punt, gently down the stream, belts off, trousers down, isn't life a ____ 'George and Melchett, Captain Cook
'I don't care if he's been rogering the Duke of York with a prize-winning ____ 'Melchett, Corporal Punishment
'Well, it was mostly awful, but I enjoyed the slug- ____ 'Melchett, Major Star
'Ask them who they'd prefer to meet - Squadron Commander Flashheart, or the man who cleans the public toilets in ____ - and they'd go for Wee Jock Poo-Pong McPlop every time.'Blackadder, Private Plane
'One of the great universities, I suppose: Oxford, Cambridge, ____ 'Blackadder, General Hospital
'Whatever it was, I'm sure it was better than my plan to get out of this by pretending to be mad. I mean, who would have noticed another ____ round here.'Blackadder, Goodbyeee

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