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What country has the highest beer consumption per capita?
According to the Reinheitsgebot (German Purity Law of 1516), what were the only ingredients allowed in beer making?
What beer introduced the slogan 'Horray Beer!' in 2001?
What lighter style of beer gets its name from the Bohemian city of Plzeň?
First brewed in 1927, what brown ale is named for the Northern English city in which it was first brewed?
Trappist beers are brewed by monks primarily found in which country?
What German city is the home of Löwenbräu, Paulaner, and Hacker-Pschorr?
What is 'Australian for Beer?'
What non-traditional grain is used in brewing American Budwesier?
Kölsch style beer gets its name from what city?
Broadly speaking, what are the two different categories of beer?
What is Homer Simpson's favorite beer?
What ingredient is added during the brewing process, causing fermentation to take place?
Founded in an abbey in 768, what is the world's oldest continuously operating brewery?
What city is the original home of Heineken beer?
After the 2008 merger of American's #1 beer seller with a European brewing giant, what is now the worlds largest brewing company?
What style of beer gets its name from the London dock workers who first made it popular?
Sam Adams was first brewed in what city?
What is the name of the sugary liquid to which hops are added just before fermentation?
What African country produces Tusker beer?
What is Japan's best selling domestic beer?
A Black & Tan is most often a layering of what Irish stout with what English ale?
What brewer claims to be the second oldest company in Canada?
What Asian country produces Tiger beer?
What is the name of the yearly Bavarian beer festival, first held in 1810?
What has been the best selling beer in the United States since 2005?
What early step in the brewing process involves combining grain & water, and then heating it?
What German word is used to describe unfiltered wheat beer?
What commonly holds 15.5 gallons of beer in the US, and 50 liters in Europe?
What Chinese beer claims to be the best selling beer in the world?
Skol, South America's most popular beer, is brewed in what country?
When discussing beer content, what does 'abv' stand for?
What Canadian brewerey began operations in London, Ontario in1847?
What American baseball team derived its name from the beer-making process?
What 1983 comedy film chronicles the McKenzie brother's efforts to thwart the owner of Elsinore beer?
What highly hopped and alcoholic style of beer got its name from the location to which it was first shipped?

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