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Can you name the facts about the University of Tennessee?

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Forced Order
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Year founded
Original name
2 words inside the official seal
Team nickname
Official team colors
Official mascot
Unofficial fight song
Name of football stadium
Year of last football national championship
Name of basketball arena
Year of last women's basketball national championship
Name of marching band
Member of which athletic conference
Rival played on 'The Third Saturday in October'
Alumnus elected to NFL Hall of Fame in 2006
Alumnus elected to NFL Hall of Fame in 1982
Former quarterback turned US Congressman
Alumnus elected to Basketball Hall of Fame in 2000
Alumnus Who recorded three #1 country songs in the 1990s
Alumnus who co-founded Garmin
Forensic anthropologist who founded the famous 'Body Farm'
Name of student newspaper
Name of iconic building on 'The Hill'
Name of prominent statue in front of Andy Holt Tower
Largest dormitory
River that borders campus
Two interstates that intersect 1/2 mile north of Campus

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