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QUIZ: Can you name the celebrity based on words from their actual obituary?

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...the 'Tonight Show' TV host who served America a smooth nightcap of celebrity banter, droll comedy and heartland charm for 30 years, has died.
...a founding father of rock 'n' roll whose distinctive 'shave and a haircut, two bits' rhythm and innovative guitar effects inspired legions of other musicians, died Monday
... who made homespun Southern wisdom his trademark as the wise sheriff in '....Show' and the rumpled defense lawyer in 'Matlock,' died Tuesday.
...whose portrayal of a brutal, emotionally delicate mob boss in HBO's 'The Sopranos' was the brilliant core of one of TV's greatest drama series.
...the Beatles' quiet lead guitarist and spiritual explorer who added both rock 'n' roll flash and a touch of the mystic to the band's timeless magic, has died.
...whose portrayal of the wise and dry-witted Mr. Miyagi in 'The Karate Kid' earned him an Oscar nomination, has died.
Actress and R&B singer...died Saturday when a small plane crashed following takeoff in the Bahamas.
Rock singer...known for his sharp suits and hits including 'Addicted to Love,' died Friday in Paris of a heart attack, his manager said.
...the hunky actor who danced his way into viewers' hearts with 'Dirty Dancing' and then broke them with 'Ghost,' died Monday after a battle with pancreatic cancer.
...the peerless, hard-living country singer who recorded dozens of hits about good times and regrets and peaked with the classic 'He Stopped Loving Her Today,' has died.
...the gravelly voiced Beastie Boys rapper and the most conscientious member of the seminal hip-hop group, has died.
...the Oscar-winning superstar who personified cool as the anti-hero of such films as 'Hud,' 'Cool Hand Luke' and 'The Color of Money' has died.
...whose luxurious tresses and blinding smile helped redefine sex appeal in the 1970s as one of TV's 'Charlie's Angels,' died Thursday after battling cancer.
...star of the 1970s TV series 'Kung Fu' whose career roared back to life when he played the assassin-turned-victim in Tarantino's 'Kill Bill,' was found dead Thursday in Thailand.
...the feisty R&B singer whose raw, passionate vocals made the yearning ballad 'At Last' an enduring anthem for weddings, commercials and even President Obama, died Friday.
...the nation's best-known film reviewer who with fellow critic Gene Siskel created the template for succinct thumbs-up or thumbs-down movie reviews, died Thursday.
...who played the stout, sassy housekeeper on the 1980s sitcom 'Gimme a Break!' and won a Tony Award for her sultry turn in the Broadway musical 'Ain't Misbehavin' died Thursday.
...a 1980s teen heartthrob for his roles in 'Lucas' and 'The Lost Boys' whose career was blighted by drug abuse, has died.
...the Mexican-born actor who became a star in splashy MGM musicals and later the wish-fulfilling Mr. Roarke in TV's 'Fantasy Island,' died Wednesday morning at his home.
...the stone-faced comedian who found success in nightclubs, television and movies but became most famous as a member of Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack, has died.
...the hugely popular Australian television personality and conservationist known as the 'Crocodile Hunter,' was killed Monday while filming off the Great Barrier Reef.
...the tall, deep-voiced actress whose razor-sharp delivery of comedy lines made her a TV star in the hit shows 'Maude' and 'The Golden Girls', died Saturday
...ski-nosed master of the one-liner and favorite comedian of servicemen and presidents alike, has died, less than two months after turning 100.
Disco queen...whose pulsing anthems such as 'Last Dance,' and 'Love to Love You Baby' became the soundtrack for a glittery age of sex, drugs, dance and flashy clothes, has died.

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