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Can you name the world cities given a definition of a word or name with the same spelling?

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DefinitionCityCountry (population)
A fluid-filled sac that cushions jointsTurkey
Sanskrit term for cannabisAzerbaijan
Stiff, often curly hairstyle that is the product of a chemical treatmentRussia
Large personal vehicle made, e.g. to transport the whole familyTurkey
Kind, sweet, generousFrance
DC Comics superhero with a flying mammal themeTurkey
Of or relating to the mouthKazakhstan
American chain of hardware stores, ostensibly to supply orchardsKyrgyzstan
An Old Norse epicJapan
A vassal's _____ lord is the one to whom they owe allegience.Belgium
Capable of moving from one place to anotherAlabama, USA
To break or divide into parts, or to quickly run awayCroatia
The act of using one's eyes to follow and understand written textEngland, UK
DefinitionCityCountry (population)
To wear away, as in the weathering of stoneTamil Nadu, India
The sex that produces smaller gametes, viz spermMaldives
A subway, or short for an urban agglomerationIndonesia
Makeup for darkening eyelashesAlgeria
A trick or deceptionBulgaria
To slide off, like a snake's skin.England, UK
Rabbits' denMichigan, USA
Way to increase an engine's output with turbines, often prefixes to the word 'charge'Colombia
A wine stopper made from a kind of oak barkIreland
Superlative modifier, or synonym for 'the majority of'Czech Republic
Rubber covering for a car's wheel (British/Commonwealth spelling)Lebanon
To inter in the groundEngland, UK
Rubber covering for a car's wheel
(American spelling)

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