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Country whose capital is Libreville
A kind of drum, kind of antelope, or president of above
A thing you work toward, or a score in soccer
Jessica who played Sue Storm in 2005
English philosopher, Francis; father of empiricism
The capital of New Hampshire
The capital of Andalusia
Last name of the 44th US president
To speak ill, or an adjective meaning 'evil'
Lowest quality type of coal; made from compressed peat
An individual article or unit, as in a list
Huge, extinct, flightless bird of New Zealand
A solemn promise or vow
Hammer-wielding Norse god
Rice or barley shaped pasta often used in soup
Relating to animals, as opposed to phytic
Golden blood of the Greek gods
Genre containing scary movies
Psychological test using ink blots
Along with Singer, he developed a 2-factor emotion theory
Latin word for land or earth
Sharp tool used to shave
Monogramming swordsman with foxy name
A samurai without a master
Stealthy Japanese assassin
'Star Wars' sand person, or Jakarta island endonym
To use or expend something carelessly
Alloy of iron and carbon
To gloss over a sound or syllable when speaking
One's conception of what is perfect
A collection of songs released together
Hound-owning neighbor family in 'A Christmas Story'
Excessively insistent or assertive (e.g. in sales)
Spotted, 'laughing' African carnivore
To make something doable, e.g. drug abuse
To whiten something, as with sunlight or chlorine
Gesundheit! (To one who says this onomatopoeic word)
To seep or flow viscously
Striped equine
Device used to slow or stop a car
Mountain parrot of New Zealand
Story for one's whereabouts during a crime
One's sex drive
The capital of Qatar
Someone who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca
Borders Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia
Shop, especially one that sells stylish clothing
French speaking Canadian province
To begin to be
Last letter of the Greek alphabet

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