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Johnny Carson's successor, Jay
Someone who does not live in a permanent settlement
Former name of Chennai
Mischevious or cheeky person, like Alfalfa
Colombia's 3rd largest city, or western US state for short
Muslim prayer leader
Deadly 'green' or 'black' cobra relative
To lounge or relax, e.g. in the warmth of the sun
To read quickly and superficially, or low-fat type of milk
Large brown antelope and Chevy model namesake
Long or idle talk, from a root that just means 'word'
Small animals considered pests
Unimportant, or an underage person
Collection of tissues or keyboard instrument
Masses of nerve cells, e.g. basal _______ (plural)
Water-soluble gluten protein that helps bread rise
Australian feral dog
'Heights' near Mt. Hermon occupied by Israel
South Asian colobus monkey relative
Wheeled stretcher used to move patients (American)
Captain of Brazil's national football team, da Silva Santos Jr.
Comics company & DC rival that created Spiderman
The soft palate, where /k/ & /g/ sounds are formed
The darkest part of a shadow
Dot-based writing system used for the blind
Against the law
Volume equal to four quarts
The capital of the UK
USB drive used to enable software (e.g. via a license)
Television series about a high school singing group
Geologic time span longer than a period, shorter than an eon
Famous sitarist, Shankar
In Catholicism, a deputy acting on behalf of a bishop
Opera of 'Habanera', or fictional thief, Sandiego
German for 'human'. Connotes good character in Yiddish
Unaccented vowel sound in English, written as 'ə'
Term used in Arab countries for a valley, ditch, or gully
To break down food for absorption by the body
Structure or image that is 'more than the sum of its parts'
King Thestius' daughter & Meleager's mother in Greek myth
Plant of the blueberry family, or actress Locklear
Musical instrument played without physical contact
Prominent and respected, or the state's type of 'domain'
To snare, or for police, to coax someone into lawbreaking
To slide down a cliff face on a rope
Non-BB projectile that may be fired from an air rifle
A glyph from an alphabet, or a message sent via post
'Graven image' in Hebrew, not a type of angel
Sapsucking, honeydew secreting bugs, often farmed by ants
Type of hands often described as 'the Devil's playthings'

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