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Pertaining to the back, like a shark's uppermost fin
Spanish for 'sauce', or a style of dance
A strong, locking box to keep valuables in
The largest bone in the human body
His law states that something that can go wrong will
Taxon below kingdom, e.g. Arthropoda, Chordata
Wood processed into boards, or to move awkwardly
Emerald is this type of mineral, which contains element #4
Norwegian comedy duo who asked 'What does the fox say?'
Another word for the sense of sight
Kind of chemical bond that holds salt together
Tiny clickable picture on a computer, or a religious symbol
Sole; alone; unique
Word from a song or poem (singular)
The last Plantagenet king was _______ III
To become tougher; what cement does when it dries
Where a Mac keyboard says 'return', a PC's says this
Concise or abrupt, with connotations of being slightly rude
Flat, shiny bead, often adorning dresses
Expensive pseudocereal grain from the Andes
A natural spring found in the desert
Insulting epithet for a male perceived as feminine
A meeting of bishops, or an ecumenical council
Expressing agreement, or falling asleep (gerund)
Small boat typically carried by a larger boat
A cross-breed, or a partially electric vehicle
Horse headgear with a bit and reins
Easternmost of Siberia's three great rivers
Simba's betrothed in 'The Lion King'
A volcanic flow of mud, rock, and pyroclastic material
Arabic derived term for a group of wives and concubines
Heraldic symbol, e.g. of a nation or family
To spoil something by adding a flaw or mark
All's fair for this Babylonian goddess of love and war
Material used to pave airport taxiways and runways
Long-tailed, colorful New World parrot
Terrible; horrible; very bad
The point against which a lever pivots
A type of British griddle cake
One of the typically colorful, leaflike parts of a flower
As well; in addition; too
An abnormally deep sleep, as produced by a drug
Dog is to canine as pig is to...
A place to go to watch movies
Female horse
Steel rod for reinforcing concrete
One dyne of force per square centimeter
Abominable snowman' of Himalayan legend
The east part of this island is a Portuguese speaking country
One does not simply walk into this, Sauron's land

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