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French wrestler, Roussimoff also known as _____ the Giant
Hallucination that occurs while sleeping
SI unit of electric current (full word)
Part of 'The Fellowship of the Ring', ________ Took (not a falcon)
Dr. Seuss character who once stole Christmas
Signed paper used to pay from a bank account (British sp.)
'My Little Pony' kingdom, not an Olympic horseriding event
Skeletal and cardiac muscle are banded or '________'
Italian word for 'german' (m.)
Colombian cocaine cartel leader, Pablo _______
Someone to go to for a haircut and/or a shave
Norway's second-largest city
Category of literature, music, movies, e.g. fantasy, rap, action
'You ____ what you sow.'
Goyaałé (Geronimo) was a leader of this Navajo-related people
Author of 'Things Fall Apart', Chinua ______
Synonym for 'wager'
One of two siblings born on the same day
Jedi master played by Samuel L. Jackson, Mace _____
The Three Musketeers' author, Alexandre _____
Symbol of a sports team; often someone in an animal suit
Plant commonly used to make fiber or cloth
Disgraced Olympic skater, _____ Harding
The only Ivy League school in Connecticut
Biblical 3rd son of Jacob, or blue jeans brand, ____-Strauss
Liveliness, often paired with 'vim' (US sp.)
Narrow canyon or ravine, or to eat ravenously
Switzerland's 2nd largest city, located on a famous lake
US State whose name is Spanish for 'snow-covered'
Tibetan Buddhist leader, the _____ Lama
This Russian dog was the first animal to orbit Earth
Japanese term for a god; e.g. '____kaze' means 'divine wind'
Fine suspension of water droplets, like a fog
Large wading bird that mythically delivers babies
Script used for Old Turkish and adapted to Old Hungarian
Sweet, viscous substance produced by bees
Alternate name for a jaguarundi, especially a red color morph
System using reflected radio waves to track aircraft
Western region of Sudan, site of a war since 2003
Unpaid leave of absence used by employer to save money (US)
Actress, Lori, who played Rebecca on 'Full House'
The 16th US president, Abraham _______
Bicycle brand, from Cambiago, Italy
The 8th month of the year in Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese
Countertop device to heat food, or device to heat a room
Person who abstains from meat and other animal products
Elephant-headed Hindu god; remover of obstacles
Original name of Carta, an Internet-based stock trading company
To turn something off and on again, like a computer
Criscrossed pattern common on kilts; sometimes called 'plaid'

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