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Mexican finger food served on a small tortilla
Fictional barbarian/destroyer; comedian, O'Brien
The capital of China's Jiāngsū province
Short advertising song, or sound made by small bells or coins
Danish brand of plastic construction toy bricks
Biblical book attributed to Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John
To explore caves
Mean; lacking in niceness, sympathy, or grace
Alphabetical listing of items, often at the end of a book
To unearth
Upper arm bone
Logician Bertrand _______ who wrote 'Principia Mathematica'
'Magnum, P.I.' actor, Tom _______
Religion founded by Paul Twitchell, known for 'Hu' chant
Adjective referring to a person or thing from Turkey's capital
Radio receiver/transmitter, or insect sensory organ
BBC's 10th 'Doctor', David _______, not an apartment resident
The first King of Burundi _____ I, or the last, _____ V.
Enclosed area for sporting events; Spanish for 'sand'
Liquid incendiary; 'I love the smell of ______ in the morning'
South Carolina nickname: 'The ________ State'
Italian equivalent of the name 'Hector'
A stack of 500 sheets of paper, or to bore a hole wider
To attack someone by surprise after lying in wait
Ethical code of samurai from Japan's feudal era
Person who worships graven images, for example
In anatomy, the opposite of 'medial'
Exclamation of sorrow or dismay; '____ poor Yorick'
The lion in 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'
Cloud City administrator, _____ Calrissian, from 'Star Wars'
Type of pigeon, or someone opposed to war
Sleeveless torso garment; some are made to withstand bullets
An adult male deer, i.e. a buck
Public space in Greek city states, or Portuguese for 'now'
A skilled, eloquent public speaker
A stick with flame on the end, or British term for a flashlight
A room; Harry Potter found one used for secrets
Waxy perfume ingredient produced in sperm whale intestines
Horrifying or gruesome, not an American brown bear
Essential amino acid abbreviated 'K' or 'Lys'
Singer, O'Connor, famous for, 'Nothing Compares 2 U'
To love, worship, or be very fond of
Culinary herb also sometimes known as marjoram
Main porcine antagonist from 'The Legend of Zelda'
Prefix meaning 'nerve-related', e.g. _____science, _____pathy
Continent found north of the Mediterranean Sea
Unit of currency in Mexico, Colombia, or Argentina, for example
Star Wars character, Han, or Spanish for 'alone'
A division of the brain, liver, or lung
The second letter of the Greek alphabet

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