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Greek sandwich whose name means 'turn'
Plump to the point of roundness, or grandiloquent
Flat treeless Arctic biome characterized by permafrost
A mammal that's foaming at the mouth may be _____
US Vice President under Barack Obama, Joe _____
A deadly sin, also known as jealousy
Legendary Vedas compiler and Mahabharata author
Latin American grilled, sliced beef, carne _____
Genus of jimsonweed, known for containing scopolamine
Research paper citation format also called 'Chicago style'
Italian name meaning 'white'; equivalent to Blanche
A collection of items stored in a hidden place
Thorax or container for treasure
Walking stick, or set of employees in a company
To be able to pay for something
Brazilian motto: _____ e Progresso
To preserve a corpse from decay
The ______ series refers to the n=2 emission lins of hydrogen
What a volcano does when it becomes active
Author of 'The Jungle', ______ Sinclair
Finnish male name meaning “luck” or “happiness”
Kind, pleasant, agreeable
United Farm Workers founder, _____ Chavez
Dick York's replacement on 'Bewitched', Dick _______
The ______ penguin, Pygoscelis papua, with white head stripe
Dark Chinese tea made from sun-withered leaves
This cattle breed is the mascot of the University of Texas
Large type of wasp with rounded abdomen
VT revolutionary war hero or furniture company, _____ Allen
Gretel's brother in Grimm's fairy tales
Spanish for 'jungle'
Empty, e.g. an unoccupied hotel room
A small magic trick or spell
19th century London serial killer, Jack the ______
To act or sing on stage, or to carry out an act
How something is arranged, or to clear and set up a hard drive
Diet that focuses on low carbohydrates and high protein intake
Groundbreaking sex researcher Alfred ______
God of the Na'vi in James Cameron's 'Avatar'
To cease sleeping, or a vigil for the dead
Fermented milk drink from the Caucasus
Solid ground or 'terra _____'
One-syllable synonym for 'wizard'
'They sigh' in Latin or '[have] minted' in Dutch
Asian barking deer with short antlers
Old world canid similar to a coyote, e.g. black-backed ______
Burmese embroidered tapestry (from Burmese for 'curtain')
In opposition to; contra
Software that unpacks a program onto a drive for use
Hypersensitive immune response, e.g. to pollen

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