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Central book of Judaism; 'teaching'; AKA the Pentateuch
1st part of Zoroastrian god's name; cf. malevolent Hindu spirit
In RNA, this nitrogenous base is complementary to adenine
Another name for coriander
Spanish or Portuguese for 'anthropic' (f.)
Former Google tool for sorting photos; not painter Pablo
Popular Indian dumpling stuffed, e.g. with potatoes
This extinct marine reptile is the largest lizard ever known
Name of the titular 'Lord of the Rings', i.e. 'the dark lord'
Prefix used to refer to cancer, e.g. ____gene, or ____logist
Persistent sleep state or cloud of dust around a comet
Synonym of 'primary', e.g. '____ street' or 'water ____'
Companion from 'Firefly' or Hittite goddess of steppe animals
1st president of the Palestinian authority, Yasser ______
Islamic legal decree issued, e.g. by a mufti
Japanese horseradish
Roman mythical incident, 'The Rape of the ______ Women'
Japanese word for 'cat'
Toronto-based e-reader company; anagram of 'book'
Shortened and phoneticized form of the word 'boatswain'
Ice cream dessert, e.g. of the 'hot fudge' variety
Demonic entity in Zoroastrianism, cf. a god in Hinduism
Place where valuables are locked, e.g. at a bank
Spanish or Portuguese for 'last' (f.)
Picture or photo; the Decalogue forbids making graven _____s
Grimes album, '_____ Primes'; from Harkonnen world in 'Dune'
A colloquial metaphor, expression, or manner of speaking
This Arabian country is unique in having an Ibadi majority
This character is the 'I' in 'The King and I'
Persian term for Muslim prayer
2nd part of Zoroastrian god's name, or Miata manufacturer
He killed Goliath in the Bible
Famous author Gore _____, or hairstylist, _____ Sassoon
Abbreviation for disease suffered by Stephen Hawking
To fight for practice (as in a dojo)
Member of India's Zoroastrian community; e.g. Freddie Mercury
Indian stringed instrument famously played by Ravi Shankar
Edgar Rice Burroughs character, '______ of the Apes'
Island nation that fused with Tanganyika to form Tanzania
Bizarro clone from 'All-Star Superman' with spoonerized name
The kind of table that King Arthur was known for
This command is ctrl+z or cmd+z on a PC or Mac, respectively
Opposite of 'under', or synonym of 'finished'
Composer of La Traviata; his name means green (pl.) in Italian
A flat circular object, e.g. CD or DVD (British spelling)
Hard coating formed over a wound to stop bleeding
2nd president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud _____
19th President of Syria, ______ al-Assad
Member of Jewish group often described as 'ultra-Orthodox'
One who changes & corrects a document, book or Sporcle quiz

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