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Inverted U-shaped structure common in Roman architecture
Charisma, amulet, or flavor of quark
Anne Rice vampire; former Oxy Petroleum CEO's first name
This South American mountain chain is the world's longest
Ruhr area city whose name also means 'to eat' in German
Alternative name for 'elephant shrew' derived from Swahili
Male escort, like Nick Hawk or Deuce Bigalow
Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian for 'greedy' or 'gluttonous' (m.)
Not drunk, like you're some kind of judge or something
Reduplicatively named ailment caused by thiamine (B1) deficiency
Demonym for the peninsula of Spain and Portugal
This Egyptian god had the head of a golden wolf, not a jackal
Company behind 'Assassin's Creed' & 'Tom Clancy's The Division'
1940s computer designed at the University of Pennsylvania
Former Ford president & Mustang creator Lee _______
_____'s Razor is also known as the Principle of Parsimony
Traditional author of the earliest written of the Christian gospels
Asylum where many of Batman's enemies are held
Nail-pounding tool; surname of former Oxy Petroleum CEO
French for 'thank you'
Large tobacco roll that Freud found totally innocent
Company known for GPS devices, originally called ProNav
Filipino island between Luzon and Palawan
Protagonist of 'The Wizard of Oz'
'Scarborough Fair' refers to parsely, sage, rosemary, and _____
Holiest city in Islam after Mecca
The _______ Alps span from Italy to Kosovo and Serbia
Poison derived from castor beans
Precolumbian Peruvian empire
Member of dog subfamily, or type of sharp tooth
The final capital of Assyria
City and district of Punjab, Pakistan written 'وہاڑی' in Urdu
'Side to Side' singer, ______ Grande
California city where Disneyland is located
The ________ maneuver is used to prevent choking
13th c. poet, Ulrich von _______stein; literally 'Lightstone'
Game in which players knock a ball back & forth with a racket
Second-generation person of Japanese ancestry
German for 'own' as in _____vector or _____value
One's status as male or female, esp. with regard to identity
Of, or relating to the skin
Capital of Equatorial Guinea
Preposition meaning 'higher than'
Astronomer ___ Rubin or fashion designer ____ Wang
Uncommon, or not thoroughly cooked
Pictographic homophone puzzle, e.g. 'THE ♦ ROUGH'
Chiefly British term for a street entertainer
Hard structural protein found in hair, nails, and skin
'To hit a target' or 'to attain' in Portuguese or Spanish

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