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US state that is famous for its potatoes
Spanish word for 'now'
Individual member of a clonal colony (genet) of plants
Non-literal, representative figure of speech, e.g. 'Love is blind'
Adage, saying, proverb, etc.
Sister of Antigone, and daughter (and half-sister) of Oedipus
Injection of fluid (e.g. medicine) into the rectum
Mansa Musa's Empire, or country with capital at Bamako
Astrological sign symbolized by scales
Courageous, like Disney princess Merida
Presidential rejection of a bill
Spanish for 'to drink' or 'to take'
Weasel relative, Martes martes, e.g. the European pine ______
Hedgehog-like mammal of Madagascar
To calculate or to settle accounts, e.g. Day of ______ing
Company that made Contra, Castlevania, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc.
Functional group with a lone-pair bearing Nitrogen
Bat-wielding 'Walking Dead' antagonist
Holy river in Hinduism
To develop in the womb
Short for 'potato', particularly when in 'tot' form
Giant bird of Arabian mythology
To happen, or come to pass
Swear word or evil spell
Number of deadly sins
Anatomical term meaning 'towards the underside/belly'
Original name of the Jetsons' dog, Astro
Portuguese word for 'to do' or 'to make'
First novel by Christopher Paolini; not Ferdinand's kingdom
Drug that activates a receptor; opposite of antagonist
Quenya term for the five wizards of Middle Earth
Disney mermaid or former Israeli PM, Sharon
Hinge joint of the arm
Mario boss also known as King Koopa
Latin-derived synonym for 'snake'
Methane, ethane, propane, butane, _______, hexane,...
Deficiency of red blood cells or hemoglobin (US)
Another name for the Mazda MX-5
Tiny New World monkey, marmoset relative; not a fruit
Italian tomato sauce
Describes land that is suitable for farming
Sphalerite, or uraninite = pitch______; not a word for 'mix'
2nd-most common native language of Zimbabwe after Shona
To beset with difficulties; not 'to be a league member'
Manchester striker, Sergio; youngest in Argentine Primera División
Geometric shape like the cross-section of an egg
Someone employed to park cars
To engrave or carve text or a design on a surface
Like a wider strait, or a TV frequency band
Member of the phylum of segmented worms

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