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Jeepers, creepers, this is slang for 'eyes'
Someone unwelcome is a _______ non grata
Asiatic wild ass, or a Roman siege weapon
Baby food company that began in Fremont, MI
'Weekend at ______'s' is a 1989 film not about a VT senator
Harvard journalism foundation, not 'Marcus' department store
First black South African president, Nelson
The first state to ratify the US Constitution
Only Belgian town with a WWI memorial for US soldiers
Spanish for 'twin'
Hebrew word with plural form used for 'God' in the Bible
German for 'heaven'; e.g. 'Gott in ______'
The original name of Morgoth from 'The Silmarillion'
East Asian peninsula split between a 'north' and 'south' country
Wooden frame used, e.g. by painters
3 1965 civil rights marches went from here to Montgomery, AL
Bipolar disorder often makes people depressive or _____
Element 28, or a five cent US coin
Ashton Kutcher's character, Michael, in 'That '70s Show'
Chicago Cub, Sammy; vied with McGwire for home run record
Lyricist, Shitala Pandey, with record for most Bollywood songs
Another word for 'suricate', like Timon from 'The Lion King'
Japanese fried cutlet; e.g. 'ton_____' is made with pork
Sucrose, glucose, or ribose, for example
 A piece of ground cultivated to grow or display plants 
Describes something with a high ratio of mass to volume
This trigonometric function is the reciprocal of cosine
Either corner of the eye
Male spouse
Large, colorful kerchief worn around the head or neck
Opposite of 'digital' (US spelling)
Trademark symbol of a company or organization
Rock with useful materials (e.g. metal or gems)
To substitute for something; to take the place of
Fake medicine used for control groups in studies
Anthropologist Franz, or South American constrictors
Name for trees of genus Populus, or CO ski resort town
Three is to triad as five is to ______
Larval amphibian, also called a pollywog
The ferret is the domesticated form of this European mustelid
Tree genus with long, thin pods; from Muscogee 'kutuhlpa'
Domesticated S. American camelid resembling a small llama
Southernmost province of mainland Spain
Disoriented, as from spinning
Louisiana dance music genre featuring accordion and guitar
Etiquette, propriety, or behavior in accord with good taste
Cuban dance music style (not a vacuum-cleaning robot)
Large Roman style hall, e.g. St. Peter's
A mineral containing an anionic Si compound, e.g. SiO42−
Conical tent once used by Indians of the Great Plains

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