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Small mythical monster; synonymous with 'orc' in 'The Hobbit'
Another name for a turn signal, or to put blinders on a horse
South Indian state where Malayalam is most often spoken
The largest state of the USA
A wheeled shoe or type of cartilaginous fish
The official language of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana
French, Italian, or Spanish for gloomy, mournful, or lugubrious
The chest, particularly the part containing the mammaries
Former name of the capital of Kazakhstan
Metrical with two short & one long syllable, favored by Dr. Seuss
Rounded stick used to crush & grind things in a mortar
A popular yellow citrus fruit
Three is to triad as one is to _____
Opposite of juvenile
Latin prefix meaning 'extreme' or 'far beyond'
A coarse file or rough breathing sound
The set of all points in 3D space equidistant from a given point
A member of a religion with beliefs condemned as unorthodox
1994 Method Man album, or former exonym for the Thai baht
The capital of the state of New York
India's national tree; the 'Great ______' covers 4 acres
Geometric quantity measured in degrees or radians
To squirt streams of saliva; avid fan of teen choir dramedy
Sanskrit prefix used by Mendeleev for undiscovered elements
Captain of the Pequod in 'Moby Dick'
Recurring behavior, or nun's garment
Urge that causes one to scratch
Christian place of worship
Marine echinoderm with large spines, or street child
Developmental stage of an insect between two molts
1975 cop thriller television series '_______ & Hutch'
The 5th installment of 'The Elder Scrolls' series of video games
Croatian high performance electric car manufacturer
Person who performs on stage, on television, or in a movie
The ______ Zone lies between the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn
Long, continuous mountain range, e.g. the Mid-Atlantic _____
Constellation of Castor & Pollux; from Latin for 'twins'
Spin-off of 'Despicable Me,' with eponymous yellow creatures
Fierce attack, or X-men villain with Prof. X & Magneto's powers
Physical reaction to humor; probably not the best medicine
Monosyllabic synonym of 'before'
Seventh letter of the Greek alphabet: Η, η
Spanish or Portuguese word meaning 'to cover'
Provisional release of a prisoner before their sentence is up
Calorie free fat substitute also known by the brand name 'Olean'
Pontic Greek who wrote 'Geographica” ca. 64 B.C.E.
Tapioca balls in SE Asian tea, or 'Star Wars' bounty hunter, Fett
The opposite of an acid
To burn or scorch something's surface with intense heat
Jason's ship in Greek mythology, or 2012 Ben Affleck film

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