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In good shape; not sickly
Lymphoid organ where T-cells mature
Plant-based yellow condiment, popular on hot dogs
Particle that travels slower than light
Farther than 'hither' or 'thither', sometimes wild and blue
A Sufi ascetic, possibly of the 'whirling' variety
Rama and Krishna were avatars of this preserver deity
Another name for the CoypĂș, or river rat
The prioritization of patients based on urgency
African civet-like mammal introduced into Iberia
Lower; often precedes '-world', '-lands', or 'regions'
Made from plants, like certain folk remedies (adj.)
The peninsula of Greece, Albania, Serbia, etc.
Chinese characters used in Japanese writing
In Islam, a struggle, or holy war
Collection of stories about the life of Mohammed
The Greek island supposedly home to Odysseus
Genus of small trees also called thorntrees or wattles
Alternative to Viagra or Levitra
To actively pay attention to what someone says
Tissues connecting skeletal muscle to bone
One who provides something, e.g. an organ or blood
Relating to the mouth
Contratenor _____ > tenor > contratenor bassus
A brawl or scuffle, nothing to do with coughing
Word for a detective, or formerly for a bloodhound
In British legend, the father of King Arthur Pendragon
Toxic fungus that grows on rye, wheat, and similar grains
Fictional city where Batman lives
Arabic letter representing a glottal stop
Former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Common name derived from Greek word for peace
Opposite of always
In geometry or graph theory, a point where edges meet
Also known as the Lone Star State
One who poses a question
Frog muppet's first name
The ______ valve separates the left atrium and ventricle
Name of a 'bad guy' protagonist 'Wreck-It _____'
Initial wave position, or a temporary behavioral stage
Southeast Asian economic alliance (acronym)
Tool for keeping a ship in one place
Household tasks, sometimes assigned with a wheel
English county, and former East Saxon kingdom
Tool for measuring angular height above the horizon
Inert transition metal between hafnium and tungsten
Plural for former students of a university
HNO3 is this kind of acid.
French game played on a backgammon board
Of or relating to the windpipe

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