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Card game named for Spanish word for 'one'
Largest Finnish cellphone manufacturer
Daughter of Simba & Nala in 'The Lion King II'
Japanese wheat noodle soup with meat broth, e.g. Tonkotsu
A human trained to think like a computer from the 'Dune' series
Artwork drawn permanently on the skin
An incisor, canine, or molar, e.g.
To prevent someone from accomplishing a plan
Wild African savanna pig, like Disney's Pumbaa
Surname of Terry Gene Bollea's WWF 'Hulk' personality
Jointed region where the foot and leg meet
Type of 'bottle' with a single surface, or German for 'small'
Latin for 'between'
Low-lying plains region spanning India, Nepal, & Bangladesh
Indigenous pre-Yamato people of Japan
Region along the Nile in northern Sudan and Southern Egypt
Unfairly prejudiced; statistic with wrong expected value
Ritual feast held during Jewish Passover celebrations
Short trip taken to complete a task or chore
Unpredictable, by chance, stochastic
In English, '-sman' is suffixed to this Swedish term for 'proxy'
A plan for allocation of funds during a specific period
Los Angeles art museum or Seattle stock photo company
First name of actor Perry, or 'Fight Club' character, Durden
Jim Croce song 'Bad, Bad _____ Brown', or singer Sanchez
Word repeated to introduce the opening of a British court of law
Name of the titular cap of 'The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap'
Of, or pertaining to a particular region
Plural Italian word for 'squid'
West Texas town whose name is Spanish for 'yellow'
Spanish word meaning 'to cry'
Superlative word meaning 'least common'
Jewish Persian queen whose story is celebrated on Purim
Protrusion of an organ through a membrane, e.g. inguinal ______
Large waterfalls located on the Ontario-New York border
Covered area for parking automobiles
Pretty Woman' & 'Chicago' actor, Richard
Viscous substance exuded by plants; may fossilize into amber
Surname or title used by male Sikhs, from Sanskrit for 'lion'
African country whose capital is Accra
Darth Vader's real first name
Like a bent hose, or sexually adventurous
Celebrities Minogue or Jenner
German noun meaning 'love'
Edge of a structure not perpendicular to its faces; like a chamfer
Type of consonant sounds made by 'g', 'k', or the German 'ch'
Youngest daughter of Elrond in 'The Lord of the Rings'
Man-eating spirit or monster of Algonquin folklore
First name of Professor Kirke in 'The Chronicles of Narnia'
Dark-haired 'hadouken' user in 'Street Fighter II'

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