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Can you name the overlapping answers to these clues?

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A fellow, or what dry & cold weather may do to ones lips
Aang's flying bison from Avatar: The Last Airbender
Describes Wicca, or the ancient Greek religion, e.g.
Chinese province with capital at Lanzhou
Constitutional capital of Bolivia
Largest Greek island
Russian video game where players stack falling blocks
Technical term for lockjaw
The capital of Oman
Boat with two symmetrical hulls
Perennial flower sometimes known as 'pigweed'
A criminal who treats others violently or roughly
Country with its capital in Kampala
Interjection used by Speedy Gonzales; literally 'walk'
Simple machine described by Archimedes to multiply force
Vigor or enthusiasm; 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' band
Brightest star in the constellation Lyra; featured in 'Contact'
Another name for a bushbaby
Shallow water body separated from the sea by a reef
Dragon king from Mortal Kombat: Deception
Open-mouthed in surprise, or Greek term for love
To remove the outer layer of something, e.g. an orange
The King of Rock and Roll
Spanish word for 'view'
This plant's roots are used in the Hawaiʻian dish, poi
Some say that the Holy _____ Empire was none of the three
Niger-Congo language subfamily including Mandinka & Vai
Evil counterpart to an angel
A capuchin or baboon, for example
Villain Söze in 'The Usual Suspects'
Milk is to whey as blood is to _____
Two dot diacritic used, e.g. in German
Werewolf actor, Taylor, from 'Twilight' movie series
Cat from Garfield who was frequently mailed to Abu Dhabi
The Spanish term for the Falkland Islands
Scandal-ridden, bankrupt Vietnamese shipbuilding firm
The elbow and knee are examples of _____ joints
The script used for the Amharic language
Bible book originally combined with Nehemiah
Regarded as the seventh avatar of Vishnu, before Krishna
Hawaiʻian word meaning 'thank you'
An element from the 2nd last periodic table group
Capital of Italian province of Liguria
Lead dwarf in the Hobbit, Thorin _____shield
Country with its capital in Nairobi
Another name for a water opossum
Gumby's horse pal
Charlotte Brontë novel, 'Jane ____'
Military scouting or surveying for short
Sea snail whose shell can be used as a horn

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