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Latin for 'bear'; as in ____ Major
Russian city called Kuybyshev under the Soviets
Latin American rattle-like instrument
Italian for 'head'; sometimes referring to a mafia leader
Tip, cursor, laser tool, or variety of hunting dog
Device to allow speech between rooms in a building
Punctuation mark used to delineate lists
Military rank between captain and lieutenant colonel
Common name for the Hashemite Kingdom of ______
German name for the city of GdaƄsk
One might alternate this behavior with zagging
Chinese gymnosperm genus related to cycads
Retired Laker, Bryant; Japanese city famous for its beef
Prior to in time, or in front of in space
From a different country
To treat something as if it isn't there
U.S. State with its capital at Salem
Major university in Spokane, Washington
New York restaurant review guide
What one can do to car windows to darken them
A foreword or making an acquaintance for short
Unleavened Indian flatbread
Polynesian humanoid stone or wooden carving
Demonym for New Zealander; or the smallest ratite bird
Drinking too much coffee will leave you _____
To black out certain sections of text
Cytoskeletal protein that forms a complex with myosin
To bring down, e.g. someone's wrath
A parabola or an arc, for example
Latin for 'vein' as in '____ cava'
Mother of pearl
A belief system; Latin for 'I believe'
Slang for a foolish person, or illegal drugs
French for 'small' (m.)
A precursor of the Olympian gods, e.g. Kronos, Prometheus
The capital of Turkey
The largest city in Pakistan
Spanish word that can mean 'boy', or 'small'
An early manuscript book; as opposed to a scroll
In chemistry the opposite of 'levo'
Makes holes for cannulae, or Portuguese for 'exchange'
The body of a dead animal
Plant whose roots are used to make tapioca
Nautical interjection meaning 'desist'; free antivirus
To thrust a knife point-first into something
Swedish pop group who sang 'Dancing Queen'
Indonesian island with a Hindu majority
Former Lithuanian currency (pl.)
Boreal forest; subarctic coniferous forest biome
Indian bison

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