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Hawaiian greeting
Greek god of the underworld
Synonym for tyrant or dictator
Term for potassium salts, often derived from burned wood
Hindu counterpart to a monastery or yeshiva
Hebrew-derived short name for Moses Maimonides
Woody grass that makes up most of pandas' diets
Pirate treasure, or someone's rear end
Medieval Latin-derived word for novice (esp. soldiers)
Remote control vehicle of the sort sent to Mars
A roofed or partially enclosed porch
Southernmost region of Spain (English spelling)
National epic of Portugal “Os ________”
Treacherous, underhanded person, like Muttley's pal
Spacecraft & time machine used in 'Doctor Who'
An area of land surrounded by water
Physicist & cyclotron orbit quantization namesake, Lev
The capital of Texas
The ovipositor of a wasp or bee is modified into this
Nationality of someone from Bielefeld
In the Bible, the Israelites ate this in the desert
'Sub-mariner' McKenzie in Marvel issue #1
Common edible mushroom with honeycomb-like appearance
Patron saint of sailors or ticklish muppet
Gloomy, sullen, or ill-tempered
Last word of the titular character of 'Citizen Kane'
Title by which Siddharta Gautama is usually known
Capital of Bangladesh
US Senator from CA and former state AG, ______ Harris
Country formerly known as Nyasaland
Female spouse
Cylindrical hat named for a city in Morocco
The king of the olympian gods
The Basque language's name for itself
Japanese martial art meaning “empty hand”
Largest retailer in the UK; sells groceries & general goods
Advance soldier sent out to do reconnaisance
Seat of Oneida county, NY, or Carthaginian city
His wax wings melted when he flew too close to the sun
Water nymph or mermaid in Slavic mythology
Hydrocarbon with only single bonds
Opposite of 'far'
Abbreviated name of the Atlantic Richfield (oil) Company
Chocolate is made from this kind of bean
Someone who directs and trains a sports team, e.g.
Hot capsicum peppers, or powder made from them
The _____ crest is the large upper surface of the pelvis
1 chain by 1 furlong, or about 0.4 hectares is one of these
To reject someone in an abrupt & ungracious manner
Old world wild ox, or colloquial name for American bison

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