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A large stream, often draining to the ocean
Essential part of speech for the predicate of a sentence
To boast
Type of shirt sleeves extending fully to the collar
The capital of Michigan
A rhythmic way of speaking; rising and falling in pitch
Empire founded by Aksia the Great; later conquered by Mali
Japanese 17 syllable poem
Major tractor company based in Osaka
The study of plants
P&G cold medicine. There is also a “Day-” variety.
Cerveza _______ is Argentina's most popular brand of beer
Crankish doctor and 'animal magnetism' proponent, Franz
King Arthur's wizard mentor
Jargon, slang, or local language
To provoke or annoy
Type of mud brick, or company that created photoshop
Name for the division symbol, ÷
How a mineral reflects light, e.g. greasy, metallic (British sp.)
Tool for boring a hole in a patient's skull
1848 patient, Gage, with hole through skull; Ferb's stepbro.
A feature or way of viewing something; or physicist Alain
Carbohydrate used as a substitute for gelatin
Harsh, disrespectful word(s); a jibe or defamation
Term for the ruler of Brunei, e.g.
Norwegian terrorist, Breivik, or Adam & Blake's pal, Holmvik
Pundit and OJ Simpson defense attorney, Alan
German artillery piece intermediate between gun & mortar
Author Hemingway or physicist Rutherford
Argonaut who became king after Heracles killed Neleus
Flower named for the Greek word for 'testicle'
To scold or rebuke
Former name of Tokyo
A place where martial arts are practiced
A frost giant from Norse mythology
An artificial hole or passage bored into something
Smallest two-digit prime number
The period of time near dusk
Director of “The Seventh Seal”, Bergman
Italian explorer, Polo, who visited China
Transition metal between Iron & Nickel; known for blue dye
Biblical magus along with Melthior and Caspar
'Hazmat' refers to these kinds of materials
Nirvana lyric: 'Come ______ in mud, soaked in bleach'
Barry Humphries character, Dame ____ Everage
The back of the neck
Person who Napoleon Dynamite wants you to vote for
Old fashioned word for swelling/edema
Greek-derived word for the mind
French term for 'darling' (m.) or an English girl's name

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