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Private ship used for pleasure trips
German word meaning 'attention'
Something hoofed mammals have (Latin-derived term)
'The learned' in Islam; or modern form of Aztec ballgame
Synonym for 'nuptial' or 'matrimonial'
Alternative drug to Adderall to treat ADHD
Largest river in Pakistan
First name of 'Rain Man' actor Hoffman
Shiny foil decoration; as in the nickname of Hollywood
Type of photo people take with an outstretched arm
Spanish for 'party'
Inner ear bone along with the incus and malleus
Currency of Spain before the Euro
A Fabry-Perot interferometer, from French for 'standard'
One who keeps to oneself (not something used for lending)
____ the Red founded the first Norse settlement in Greenland
Multinational furniture store from Sweden
Cardinal direction synonymous with 'orient'
A plant's stem, or to follow and harass someone
Lithium's group in the periodic table: ______ metals
To put things in a row; the planets do it during a syzygy
Small, two-winged, mosquito-like fly
Famous leader of the Huns in the 5th century
African freshwater cichlid commonly used for food
Large keyboard type string instrument
Japanese term for edible seaweed
Currency of Iran
First name of LSD creator, Hofmann
Giant tunnel boring machine with female name “Big ______”
Hardline Sunni political and terror group centered in Gaza
Indian spice blend, e.g. “garam ______”, or “chicken tikka”
U.S. State that was home to Helen Keller
The capital of Mali
Former UN Secretary General, Annan
Of, or relating to government revenue, especially taxes
A quantity with magnitude, but not direction
Military force equipped for fighting on land
Asian starling relative; many can speak & are kept as pets
Of, or relating to seagoing military organizations
Low area between hills
Filipino island & gulf invaded by Douglas MacArthur in 1944
Rock fragments and ash ejected by a volcanic eruption
Like a clause, but lacking a subject or a predicate
Basic passenger car, as opposed to trucks or SUVs
To move rhythmically with music
Former name of Sulawesi; used by Portuguese
Integral type with horizontal rectangles; contrast Riemann
Author, René-Jean-Marie-Joseph, or Cercopithecus monkey
Nine-sided polygon
Intense pain

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