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Toy truck company named for Dakota word for big/great
Small canoe originally used by Inuit & Yupik peoples
Term for a Japanese organized crime syndicate
Qur'anic character equivalent to Ezra
Country considered the successor state Persia
Buffy the Vampire Slayer's former vengeance demon ally
Popular web portal; rude person; thrilled interjection
Water pipe used for smoking flavored tobacco
Hawaiʻian shaman; often preceded in English use by 'big'
Japanese word for 'eel'; commonly used in cuisine
Third letter of the Hebrew alphabet
Form of skin cancer considered most dangerous
Something (e.g. data) that deviates from the expected
Angelfire webhost with black labrador mascot
Series hosted by Carl Sagan or Neil Degrasse Tyson
Israeli intelligence agency
Former Iraqi dictator, Hussein
A young woman, always distressed in fairy tales
Anatolian Turkic empire of the 11th century
Roadside café/bar, perhaps with some sort of musical box
The largest bird in Australia
Legendary Han Dynasty warrior & Disney protagonist
Long spear traditionally used by charging horsemen
Tree that appears on the Lebanese flag
Title used by Sith lords in the Star Wars universe
A land-owning freeman in Anglo-Saxon England
Sessile cnidarian that is used as a habitat by clownfish
Former kingdom that contained all prokaryotes
The capital of Morocco
To wash oneself by immersion in water
Blood-pumping organ
Legendary British king who fought the Saxons
Nike's surf apparel subsidiary
Testicular cells that produce testosterone
Expressed as discrete numeric values; contrast analog
Sloping typeface common for emphasis or foreign words
Sweet confection spread on top of a cake
Spanish word for English
Randa Haines film, 'Children of a ______ God'
Whistleblowing NYPD officer & Al Pacino film subject, Frank
6.022 x 1011 atoms or molecules of a substance
To pester, harass, or sexually assault someone
Word that might precede 'mine', 'mall', or 'search'
A small wave, as on the surface of water
A fold in a garment held together by stitching at the top
Metric prefix meaning 10-18
Garment favored in Ancient Rome and modern frat parties
Public party or celebration, esp. to mark a special occasion
Blue semiprecious gemstone, _____ lazuli
Movable part fitting, e.g. in an engine cylinder

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