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An abnormal growth of tissue
“Citizen Kane” actor, Welles
Mexican state known for saguaro cacti
Seer, like the one at Delphi
Something that is cunning or ingenious
Metrical line in poetry, or another antonym of prose
Fluid containing sperm; from Latin for “seed”
High IQ society; from Latin for “table”
Transition zone between the Sahara Desert & the savanna
Ancient Greek name for Greece
Collie who never told anyone that Timmy fell down a well
German word for seven
Country to the immediate east of Togo
Stage name of Romanian singer, Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu
Home planet of Jar-Jar Binks and Palpatine
Generic slang term for any alcoholic beverage
This number is the additive identity
The topmost part of a building
The entrails of an animal used as food
Luck dragon from “The Neverending Story”
Sessile animal known for forming reefs
The largest country in Africa by area
Concerning care for the elderly
Three-sided hat common in 18th-century military
Folksy way of saying “ill-tempered”
Greek-derived prefix for “red”, e.g. _______cytes
Neck passage leading to stomach & lungs
The smallest constituent of an element
Latin-derived prefix meaning “all”
What the end is, according to some sign-wielding folk
Semi-intangible spirit of a dead person, like Slimer
African ratite; the largest animal in its class
Logarithmic scale for earthquake destructiveness
Like a quatrain with one line fewer
Latin word that the c stands for in “&c”
Like an undo button, but for pencils
5th highest-ranking angel type in Judaism; 1st in Christianity
The inability to understand or express speech
Cheese from Italy's Veneto region; similar to parmesan
A peanut, or a Pyle on the Andy Griffith Show
King of fairies, or Uranian moon
Japanese ogre-like monster
An image or representation of a god; possibly worshipped
American unit of currency
Synonymous with pantry; possibly containing porkfat
Framework built over an oil well to hold drilling apparatus
Person-drawn handcart
Levantine style of meat cooked on a spit over a long time
Fleet of warships; e.g. sent by Spain against England in 1588
A single piece of information, e.g. in an experiment

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