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To exchange
An example to show what a product does, for short
Length unit in phonology; 1 for short syllables; 2 for long
Sanskrit term for a king or male ruler
Biblical patriarch whose name was changed to Israel
Intermediate-sized rock, or what shoemakers do
Common onomatopoeia for the sound of deleted expletives
Subdivision of a geological period; divided further into ages
Brownish yellow to red hydrated iron oxide pigment
To seize property when a buyer defaults (for short)
Spanish for 'little' or 'few' (m.)
Closing passage of a musical composition
Nissan brand name used for sale in developing markets
Japanese loanword more accurate than 'tidal wave'
Spanish or Portuguese for 'friend' (m.)
Author of 'Faust', Johann Wolfgang von ______
Insubstantial, or ghostly
Someone who sells homes and other properties
The rotational analogue of force; τ⃑ = r⃑ ✕ F⃑
Long arduous search or journey, as in many fantasy stories
Betelgeuse, Aldebaran, or the Sun, for example
Creative expression, e.g. sketching, painting, sculpture
Russian term for a pre-Soviet male ruler
Jean-Paul who wrote 'On Being and Nothingness'
Wavering effect in a musical tone (e.g. by pitch variation)
Hawaiian island called 'the friendly isle'
Giant Japanese monster like Godzilla, Rodan, or Gamera
Drink associated with Kentucky Derby, mint _____
Class of particles including electrons, tauons, neutrinos, etc.
Polynesian kingdom whose name means 'South'
What your mouth does if you stand slackjawed
A foot-operated lever, e.g. accelerator or brake
Largest city of the largest metropolitan area in Texas
The cat, Garfield's favorite food
Order of jawless fishes such as lampreys and hagfish
Pre-Socratic philosopher who said that everything is water
Island that was home to the Greek poet Sappho
Particle with integer spin value (as opposed to a fermion)
Jaguar species name, 'Panthera ____'
Family of proteins that makes up curds (as opposed to whey)
1990s sitcom featuring Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer
Abundant group of tectosilicate minerals, e.g. orthoclase
Minimalist or austere, like a certain Greek city-state
Adjective used to describe a bicycle built for two
Along with supply, this variable determines market prices
The _______ and Nicobar Islands form an Indian territory
The psychedelic mushroom, fly agaric: _______ muscaria
Country with its capital in Rome
Hydrogen spectral series for electrons falling to n=1 state
Word of phrase chanted in Hindu or Buddhist meditation

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