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Capital of the Central African Republic
Very popular plucked stringed instrument
Small Southeast Asian primate with large eyes
Spanish term for a mountain range
Large crow relative
Former Minnesota governor and predator actor, Jesse
Another name for the lourie, or go-away-bird
Persuade, manipulate (or a kind of cable)
Part of a simple machine when paired with a wheel
Type of primate found only on Madagascar
The act of unlawfully killing someone
A bowler hat, or a horse race
Eight bits
High male singing voice; above baritone
Typical, usual (or Gaussian or perpendicular)
To speak of someone in a spitefully critical way
To light on fire, or to catch fire
A repetition or instantiation of something
Reasonable, (or expressible as a ratio of integers)
Device that makes a loud warning sound, e.g. for fire
Protective clothing, e.g. chain mail (US spelling)
Common citrus fruit, or color named for it
Resembling, say, a seraph or cherub
Composite organism made up of fungus and algae
Type of dye used for temporary tattoos
Related to the nose
A highly seasoned Italian sausage
This type of acid makes up proteins
Highborn, e.g. an earl or duke
The wavering cry of a sheep
To initiate an aggressive action, e.g. in war
Takedown in American football (or fishing equipment)
To incline oneself at a slope, or against something
Response to a question
To change direction abruptly, as while driving
Heaviest asteroid in the main belt (not counting Ceres)
Metal paper fastener, or important food source
A large or excessive amount of something
Between cervical and abdominal; of the chest area
Insect type that emerges every 17 (or 13) years
Proverb, aphorism, truism
A cogwheel or sprocket
Fancy clothing designer, Giorgio
A dangerous or wildly behaving lunatic
Taiwanese electronics brand, or genus of the maple tree
Portuguese spelling of the name of the letter 'R'
Summarize what was just said; ontogeny doesn't really do it
Protein shell of a virus
Jewish daily prayer book whose name means 'order' in Hebrew
3rd largest South African metro; in KwaZulu-Natal

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