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Largest, lowest-pitched brass instrument
A sink, bowl, or area of land that doesn't drain to the ocean
Honest and forthright
Large part of brain divided into four lobes
Australian feral horse
'Don Juan' poet, Lord _____
Former US president, Reagan, or clown, McDonald
Author of 'Brave New World', Huxley
Expulsion from an office; wrongful dispossession
Latin term for the back
Thick, Louisiana soup usually made with okra
Health & happiness, or government assistance
1990 French Tim Roth film set in South Africa
The capital of Chad
Open and responsive to suggestion; acquiescent
To hemorrhage
Tense, nervous, or avant-garde
Dated term for a Romani person; often offensive
Someone clairvoyant or telepathic, e.g.
Mexican-American, esp. in the Aztlán movement (m.)
Positive terminal
Plan or drawing; as in fashion, graphic, web, etc.
Small authenticating seal, as in a ring
Guiding beliefs or ideals of a community or nation
Flexible water-conveying tube, or tight legwear
Isaac's elder son in the Bible
Traditional Finnish steamroom or bath
Belly button
Brand of hook and loop fastener; sticks to wooly things
Game that uses mallets to hit balls through wickets
Bright green Central American birds with a Nahuatl name
American mall shop that bills itself 'The Diamond Store'
Member of sect that wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls (sing.)
Country that surrounds The Gambia; capital is Dakar
Physicist, Luigi, who made frogs' legs twitch with electricity
Futility or narcissism
An error in keyboard input, for short
Of or relating to mail
A male horse
Musician, Richie, who used to sing for the Commodores
What morlocks eat
Covered in a greasy film (adj.)
British term for 'spandex'
Hakuna matata' ain't no passin' one of these
Another term for a Brahman or humped cattle (sing.)
Second-largest city in South Korea
Most spoken Austroasiatic language in India
Militant group that ruled Afghanistan from 1996-2001
Most extensive branch of the Niger-Congo language family

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