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The colored diaphragm of the eye
Edition of a magazine, or secretion
Soft type of leather with napped finish
One's first public appearance or performance
Masculine; counterpart to 'femme'
To partially burn & blacken something, like certain 'coal'
Son of Shem & Talmudic language namesake
Norse is to 'going berserk' as Malay is to 'running ____'
Closest living relative of the giraffe
Fancy term for a bee yard
Describes Indo-Europeans from Iran & India, not Germany
Smiths use this tool along with a hammer
Finger-like projections of the intestinal epithelium (pl.)
Something that binds to a central atom or to a protein
The male of 'goose'
Cupid was derived from this Greek deity
Nickname of the Academy Award
Common chocolate substitute
Earth is shaped like this type of sphereoid; i.e. flattened
Treaty recognizing the Vatican as an independent state
Longstanding bitter hatred, or property of spoiled food
A 'body' or division of the military (except the 'peace' one)
Kind of sacred song, e.g. attributed to King David
Annual publication about tides, planting dates, etc.
World's heaviest snake species: green ________
Muskrat genus, or class of Soviet landing craft
Type of ammunition used to see projectile paths
Latin for 'neck', e.g. that of the uterus
A female fox
Home of a biblical witch, and possibly Ewoks
Inactive, like a volcano, literally 'sleeping'
Frame around a fireplace, not a cloak
To run off and get married in secret
Dramatic musical work or brand of web browser
Price or speed, for example
Hard structures for biting or chewing (pl.)
Type of grouping based on shared ancestry and culture
Where something fits in, or having narrow appeal
Largest city in the West Bank
An untrained horse or Denver football player
A group of witches
Susceptible to bribery
Excuse for whereabouts during a crime
Curve-billed wading bird; often 'scarlet' or 'sacred'
Beetle sacred in ancient Egypt
Metal link used for keys or rock climbing
One-word description of Newton's first law of motion
Portuguese equivalent of 'James' or 'Jacob'
An ovary or testis
The lowest point on the celestial sphere

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