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Can you name the three answers starting with 'U' in every Sporcle category?

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Official who watches a baseball games and acts as an arbitrator 
________ Frisbee, or just ________ is a team sport using flying discs 
This four-letter abbreviated organization administers association football throughout Europe 
Mountain chain traditionally separating Europe and Asia 
Largest Turkic ethnic group in China, predominantly found in Xinjiang 
Large central Australian sandstone formation also known as Ayers Rock 
Singer/songwriter of hit R&B songs, 'U Got It Bad' and 'U Remind Me' 
Hawaiʻian stringed instrument similar to a small guitar 
'Red Hot Chili Peppers' song featuring lyrics 'I don't ever wanna feel like I did that day' 
1995 film, 'The _____ Suspects', whose characters are employed by a mysterious mob boss, Keyser Söze 
1992 sci-fi film _________ Soldier, in which a soldier slain in Vietnam is re-animated with his memory erased 
2000 film about US Soldiers capturing a Nazi submarine to obtain an Enigma machine 
Archetypal nerdy character Steve _____ from 'Family Matters' 
Nichelle Nichols' character from 'Star Trek', Nyota _____ 
'The Simpsons' began as a series of short animated segments on the Tracey ______ Show 
Just For Fun
Something in the sky
No one can say what it is
Perhaps it's from space
Mixed martial arts league
Headquartered in Las Vegas
Largest of its kind
The Chapel Hill part of the
Research triangle
This company employs drivers who can be called for rides with an app; from German word for 'over' 
Operating system developed at Bell Labs by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie 
Latin-derived adjective meaning 'relating to a wife' 
Israeli open-bolt, blowback-operated machine gun first developed in the 1940s 
Sumerian city legendarily home to Gilgamesh and Nimrod; probable origin of the name 'Iraq' 
Second caliphate after the death of Muhammad, expanding into the Maghreb and Spain 
Shortened (one word) name for a Thomas More novel about a society on a fictional island; identified with an ideal society 
James Joyce novel named after a Latinized name for Odysseus 
Muckraking journalist and author of 'The Jungle', 'Oil!' and 'King Coal' _____ Sinclair 
Organ hanging in the back of the throat used to pronounce the French/German 'r' or Inuit/Arabic 'q' 
Spanish formal term for 'you', derived from 'vuestra merced' 
Sister group to the Finnic languages including Hungarian, Khanty, and Mansi 
In set theory, the operator ∪ stands for the _____ of two sets, e.g.
Long bone that forms the medial portion of the forearm 
The darkest part of a shadow; this part of the moon's shadow experiences a total solar eclipse 
'Skip', 'Draw Two' or 'Reverse' in this card game named for the Spanish or Italian for 'one' 
French game publisher that created the 'Assassin's Creed' and 'Far Cry' series 
Planeswalker who fought a war with his brother, Mishra, in the Magic: The Gathering multiverse 
Harry Potter antagonist, Dolores, whose name sounds like she takes offense readily 
WWE nickname of wrestler Mark Calaway; though it's unlikely he's ever worked as a funeral director 
Fin-headed, red and silver superhero created by Eiji Tsuburaya, who fights kaiju (giant monsters) 
Movement within Christianity that saw God as an undivided being; formed in opposition to Trinitarianism 
Term for the practice of charging interest, especially as traditionally forbidden in Christianity and Islam 
The __________ are ancient texts that are part of the Vedas and concern spirituality and abstract philosophy 
Kelly Clarkson Christmas song, '__________ the Tree' 
This country celebrates 'Landing of the 33 Patriots Day' on April 19, commemorating fighters for independence 
October 3rd, or 'Tag der Deutschen Einheit' or 'German _____ Day' commemorates the end of the East-West German division 

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