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Can you name the cities in majority Turkic countries by the alternative reading of their name*?

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Alternative MeaningCityCountry (Population)
Sac filled with synovial fluid that cushions jointsTurkey
Spacious, box-shaped automobile, like the Mystery Machine from Scooby DooTurkey
D.C. Comics superhero with a utility beltTurkey
Rubber covering for a car's rims (American spelling)Turkey
Pertaining to forests (less common, but generally accepted spelling)Turkey
Ancient Egyptian mother goddesTurkey
Currency of Serbia or IraqTurkey
Most common preposition that can be used to express possession, origin, or topicTurkey
The lateral part of somethingTurkey
Bloodsucking insects that grip onto hairsTurkey
Alternative MeaningCityCountry (Population)
Veggie used by health enthusiasts to replace lettuce in saladsTurkey
First name of olympic figure skater, Harding, who *really* wanted to win at all costsTurkey
Relating to the mouthKazakhstan
Popular brand of cling wrapKazakhstan
American chain of hardware/gardening storesKyrgyzstan
Surname of philosopher, Immanuel, who wrote 'A Critique of Pure Reason'Kyrgyzstan
Sanskrit-derived slang word for marijuanaAzerbaijan
Dental plaque, or mayonnaise-based sauce commonly used with fishAzerbaijan
'Bloody' queen of England & Ireland, or the queen of Scots in the 1500sTurkmenistan
Father or sodaUzbekistan

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