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Can you name the which of the eight planets fits each description? (Enter the first two letters of the planet's name.)

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HintPlanetExtra Info:
Most mass

Least mass

Rotates in retrograde
(almost opposite its orbit)
Rotates 'on its side'
(relative to its orbital plane)
Least axial tilt
(relative to orbit)
Longest rotation period
Shortest days
Rotational period (sidereal) longer than orbital period
Days (solar) last longer than the planet's years
Shortest year
Longest year
Most eccentric orbit
(i.e. most elongated)
Least eccentric orbit
(i.e. most circular)
Has the most inclined orbit
(relative to the ecliptic)
Largest perihelion precession per revolution
Smallest perihelion precession per revolution
Planet that orbits a point outside the Sun's photosphere
Largest equatorial bulge
(absolute size)
Largest equatorial bulge
(relative size)
(bulk density)
Least Dense
(bulk density)
HintPlanetExtra Info:
Densest of the four gas/ice giants (bulk density)
Least dense of the four terrestrial planets (bulk density)
Densest atmosphere of the terrestrial planets (surface)
Planet with thinnest (virtually non-existent) atmosphere
Fastest sustained winds

Slowest mean surface winds (with significant atmosphere)
Most hydrogen in atmosphere
(by mass percentage)
Most nitrogen in atmosphere
(by mass percentage)
Strongest magnetic field (equatorial)
Most reflective
(Bond or geometric albedo)
Least reflective
(Bond or geometric albedo)
(minimum temperature)
Never visible to the naked eye
(even in ideal conditions)
Has the tallest mountain
(base to summit)
Longest valley

Largest impact crater
Has the most massive satellite
(total mass)
Has the satellite with the densest atmosphere (surface)
Has the largest satellite relative to itself (by mass)
Has the satellite with the most volcanic activity

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