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Can you use the clues to find the terms starting with letters from A to Z and containing 'az' consecutively?

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Term describing Jews from Eastern Europe (as opposed to Sephardic)
Capital of the Republic of the Congo
Along with Sitting Bull and Gall, this chief led the Lakota to defeat Custer at Little Bighorn
The removal of National Socialist officials from positions of power in Germany after WWII
Clade of animals with true, differentiated tissues (includes virtually all except sponges)
Surname of world heavyweight boxing champion, ''Smokin' Joe'' _______
Spanish tomato-based vegetable soup served cold
Fictional Georgia county whose eponymous 'dukes' would skirt the law with impromptu stunt driving
Largest existing waterfall by flow rate in South America, on the border of Argentina and Brazil
Popular Qatari newspaper whose name derives from the Arabic word for 'island', Al-_______
Japanese name for the 'divine wind', a typhoon that destroyed a Mongol fleet
Semi-precious blue gemstone used to make 'ultramarine' pigment
Car company whose name comes in part from the Zoroastrian god
City demonym most commonly applied to Jesus
When DNA replicates, the lagging strand forms in short 'fragments' of this name
Spanish-derived term for a town square now also used for shopping centers
Spelling of the largest '-stan' country by area in the Romanized form of their own language
Mascot of the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville) or a colloquial name for a feral pig
Music identifying app, or new name for DC Comics' Captain Marvel character
Mineral defining an 8 on the Mohs scale, between quartz and corundum
Language family including Ute, Nahuatl, Hopi, Pima, and Huichol, for example
The double-decker _________-Narrows bridge connects Manhattan to Brooklyn
Smartphone navigation app using user-submitted information on traffic, police, etc.
Horse tranquilizer and clonidine analogue that can be reversed with a yohimbe extract
Heavily persecuted indigenous Kurdish religion that reveres Melek Taus, the 'peacock angel'
Practice of seated meditation in Zen Buddhism

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