Science Quiz / 'Thy', 'yph', 'yth', and 'phy' in Science

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Can you name the science-related terms that contain 'thy' 'yph' 'yth' or 'phy'?

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Endocrine gland containing most of
the body's iodine
Colloquial name given to violet-colored
forms of quartz
Stacked compartment in chloroplasts where light-dependent photosynthetic take place 
Organ of the immune system where T-lymphocytes mature; located in the chest. 
The systematic name for acetylene,
The study and measurement of the depth profiles lake and ocean floors 
The vertebrate class containing jawed cartilaginous fish (sharks, rays, skates etc.) 
Term for a hurricane or cyclone in the
Pacific Ocean
Sexually transmitted spirochete infection that eventually leads to neurological damage 
Disease caused by rickettsia bacteria

Long, branching, chambered filaments that make up the mycelium of a fungus 
Convex (forward-bending) curvature of the spine, the opposite of lordosis 
Cnidarian class containing true jellyfish

Marking, symbol, or ideogram carved into stone, as by ancient hominids in caves 
Constrictor family including the longest snakes, or a popular interpreted programming language 
The state of having an unsteady heartbeat

Protein that binds with the 'reaper' cytokine in fruit flies, and may trigger apoptosis 
Red blood cell

Shortened name for the most common plastic,
i.e. polyethylene
Organism that can tolerate a wide range of temperatures. (contrast: stenotherm) 
Psychiatric 'mania' referring to compulsive
or pathological lying
The loss of tissue (e.g. muscle) due to
lack of use
Taxonomic division below kingdom

Pigment that makes plants green; powers the light reactions of photosynthesis 
The diploid stage of a plant's lifestyle; usually much larger, and reproducing asexually 
A fused fibrocartilage joint, such as on the pubic bone, or sometimes used for fixed joints in the skull 
A preventative measure, e.g. taking anti-malarial drugs to avoid getting the disease 
Large, cyclic organic compounds derived
from porphine, such as heme

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